is now powered by Symfony2 August 2012

Here is the new blog! Many changes: new hosting, new look'n'feel, new engine, and new topic: Symfony2 time! It was high time to rejuvenate, now it's done.

About the hosting, I was on a low cost OVH shared hosting: easy to use, but too restrictive when you want to have some fun... So I've switched to a Virtual Private Server (Kimsufi / OVH), small version, (well advised by @bourvill, OVH expert ;)). With few RAM (512MB), I've chosen nginx (+ php-fpm) instead of apache, and I really don't regret! It's light and fast, as you can see! For the rest of the "sys admin" part, I'm not an expert, so I've followed this tutorial (FR).

About the look'n'feel, it's simple. You might have recognized the twitter bootstrap. Simple, clean, nice: I like. And W3C valid!

About the backend, I've said goodbye to wordpress, and hello to Symfony2 of course! As a basis, I've used the tutorial from le site du zero (FR), then I've added the functionalities I need: multilingual management, cache management, admin part, RSS feed, ... I'll explain some of these points in the next posts.

And if you notice any bug, think about enhancements or anything else, please tell me on github!

Tags: Symfony, ovh, github, nginx