sfProjectAnalyserPlugin: is your code beautiful?

2 gravatar By Grégoire Marchal - 09/16/2010

If you believe you are a Symfony boss, if you think that your code respects the strictest standards, if you're sure that all your methods are documented, if you never calls sfContext::getInstance(), then you can face the terrific sfProjectAnalyserPlugin!

This plugin allows to measure the quality and the volumetry of a project. It counts the applications, modules and actions, checks the size of the functions and templates, alerts when it finds out abnormal stuff, and many other things.

It's not only a toy to generate some statistics about your work. It becomes definitely useful when it is used as a continuous integration tool. Imagine that you start a brand new Symfony project: if every morning, after your fried bacon, you launch the analysis and you follow the precious advices of the result page, you'll have in the end a beautiful, clean and easy to debug code. Then you'll become the king of oil and you could make a huge donation to the kind developers of this plugin!

And if you think it isn't strict enough (or too strict, shame on you :)), it's OK! It's completely configurable through a YAML file.

The analyse can be launched using a Symfony command :

symfony project:analyse --application="frontend" --env="dev" > analysis.html

It generates a HTML report that you can see using your favourite browser:

sfProjectAnalyserPlugin on sf sandbox

You can find more informations on the sfProjectAnalyserPlugin plugin page.

PS: you might have guessed that I'm one of the developers of this wonderful plugin! Even if my contribution has been modest for now... (I'll catch up, Loïc!)

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Comments (2)

gravatar By devFactor, the 09/17/2010 at 11:34 AM
Cool thing. Will definately check it out with my current project :)
gravatar By Grégoire Marchal, the 09/17/2010 at 11:30 PM
Cool! Don’t forget the “I use it” button on the plugin page ;)